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Gates Slattery (l) and Hugh Stabler (r) share recollections
of their earlier excavations at Winslow with Joe Dent.

Site setting, with Potomac River and
Virginia in the background.

Roy Brown explains axe hafting to a scout troop.

Boy Scouts trying their hands at the atlatl.

Lenore Holt taking a break
from the registration table.

Shovel skimming...in tandem.

Straighten those walls!

Joe Dent, with some last-minute reading.

Charlie Hall explains prehistory to students from Calvert Hall.

Comparing notes (or, getting their stories straight).

Trowelling the floor clean.

Bob Wall - Can you identify this pottery?

Dan Wagner explaining the Winslow soils.

These guys look like they know what they're doing!

Ahh, ice-cold watermelon.

Hard at work in the field lab.

When it rained, it poured!

The neatest excavations in town. Thanks, everyone!

(Aerial photographs courtesy of the National Park Service Police)

Background information on the Winslow site.

For more information on the ASM Field Session,
contact the MHT Office of Archeology, 410-514-7661.