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2008 Tyler Bastian Field Session in Maryland Archeology

Claggett Retreat Site (18FR25), Frederick County
May 23 - June 2, 2008

Commentary on the field session or about the selected photos would be greatly appreciated.
Contact John Fiveash if you have input for this page.

The 2008 Tyler Bastian Field Session in Maryland Archeology was held at the Claggett Retreat Site (18FR25) in Frederick County.

Participants gather for an orientation briefing early in the session.
A quick surface survey results in discovery of dozens of artifacts laying on top of the ground.
Romoving soil from the trenches, using the Bobcat, meant that a lot of clay rich soil didn't have to be passed through screens.
Charlie maneuvers LeBob to create one of three trenches exposed.
Trenches permit observation of large areas in hopes of finding house patterns or other features.
Maureen climbs out of a unit while Greg and Lee work on.
George gets into completing work on a square.
It is truly amazing how so many people can get their thrills by discussing patterns in the dirt.
Katheren shares her faunal analysis skills with the lunch-time lecture crowd.
Dr. Hall shows his State Highways Administration background by shoveling while EVERYONE else looks on.
Care is taken to clean up squares prior to taking pictures.
Large expanses of cleared area allowed examination for possible post mold features.
Frederick School for the Deaf students work on opening a new unit.
Dan explains how a possible post mold has been sectioned for examination. An interpreter from the Frederick School for the Deaf helps students understand what Dan has been doing.
Possible post mold.
Students from Montgomery County's High School Archeology Club begin work on a new unit.
Bill Johnson explains how he uses casts of ceramic sherds to determine the type of cording used in their manufacture.
Valerie uses a hoe to dig out another couple of centimeters of soil from her square.
High school Archeology Club members find field archeology to be a real screen.
Heather works on cleaning the floor of her square.
Nancy and Greg work to sift through material gathered during cleanup of their unit.
Working screen is a big part of the field experience.
This year's group photo. An entire van load of participants escaping an intense thunderstorm that rolled through the area on Saturday.
Sunday morning bailing after a night of storms.
John and Barry work on a feature.
Charlie Hall works a screen with members of the high school Archeology Club.
Guy explains difference in ceramic to one of our students. John and Barry work on a feature while Dennis looks on.

Thanks - The Archeological Society of Maryland, Inc. and the Maryland Historic Trust would like to thank Board of Directors and Staff of the Bishop Claggett Retreat Center. Without their granting access to the site and permitting us to use their parking areas, this Field Session would not have happened.