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2009 Field Session at Port Tobacco

Port Tobacco Site (18CH765), Charles County
22 May to 1 June, 2009

I am missing a lot of information about the people and activities seen in the photos below. If you know something about one of these, please contact me.

If you have comments, or additional photos your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Contact John Fiveash if you have input for this page.

The Port Tobacco, 2009 Field Session was held at the Port Tobacco Site (18CH765) in Charles County from 22 May to 1 June, 2009

Photo 1: Photo 2: Scott demonstrates tombstone repair.
Photo 3: Scott drills holes in a tombstone to intall pins used to restore the stone. Photo 4:
Photo 5: Photo 6:
Photo 7: Photo 8: Maureen deomonstrates proper troweling techniques for a rapt audience.
Photo 9: Stephen looks on as Belinda finishes up a level. Photo 10:
Photo 11: Photo 12:
Photo 13: Photo 14:
Photo 15: Photo 16:
Photo 17: Jim provides a lecture on the use of the Muncell Soil Color book. Photo 18:
Photo 19: Charlie, Maureen and Dennis discuss activity on the site. Photo 20:
Photo 21: Photo 22:
Photo 23: Photo 24: Dennis lectures on soil types and identification during a lunchtime lecture.
Photo 25: Photo 26:
Photo 27: Roy prepares to section a feature. Photo 28:
Photo 29: A hailstorm leaves its mark on the campsite. Photo 30: Hail and high winds exposed the inner workings of our new shower system, along with the intern who was using it at the time.
Photo 31: Photo 32:
.Photo 33:
Photo 34:.

Thanks - The Archeological Society of Maryland, Inc. and the Maryland Historic Trust would like to thank residents of Port Tobacco and the members and supporters of the Port Tobacco Archeological Project. Without their granting access to the site and permitting us to use their facilities, this Field Session would not have happened.