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2012 Field Session at
Hollingsworth Farm (18CE29) & Elk Landing (18CE60)
24 May - 4 June, 2012

Site Report: Little Guns on the Big Elk: Discovering Fort Hollingsworth, Elk Landing Site (18CE60) Elkton, Cecil County, Maryland

If you have comments, or additional photos your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Contact John Fiveash if you have input for this page.


NOTE: This page is currently under construction. Check back periodically to see photos as they are processed for the page. Anyone who would like to submit a photo, or provide an appropriate caption for one of thephotos on the page, should send it to: John Fiveash.


Photo 1: Hollingsworth Farm Site - 18 CE29
Photo 2: Registration in from of Hollingsworth House
Photo 3: Hollingsworth House
Photo 4: Work on the trench at the Elk Landing Site - 18 CE60
Photo 5: Gearing up before strating work in the morning.
Photo 6:
Photo 7:
Photo 8:
Photo 9:
Photo 10:
Photo 11: Camping site at Henry Wards place.
Photo 12: Campers work on getting dinner prepared.
Photo 13: Jim Gibb delivers the CAT workshop on Archeological Ethics.
Photo 14: Charlie Hall teaches Preservation Law at the second CAT workshop
Photo 15: George Reynolds talks about the site.
Photo 16: Bill Stevenson lectures on the science of soil.
Photo 17: Lab work
Photo 18: Barb Israel monitorsw artifacts drying in the sun.
Photo 19: The corn seemed to grow as we watched.
Photo 20: Pop-up tents made working in the sun a little more bearable.
Photo 21: Dan Coates runs the grill during the ASNC picnic. (Great food!)
Photo 22:
Photo 23:
Photo 24: The Cecil County Corrections Center overlooks the site.
Photo 25:
Photo 26: Charlie Hall, grillmaster for the annual feast.
Photo 27:
Photo 28: Henry Ward presents a lecture on "Ironstone"
Photo 29:
Photo 30:
Photo 31:
Photo 32:
Photo 33:
Photo 34:
Photo 35:
Photo 36:
Photo 37:
Photo 38:
Photo 39:
Photo 40:
Photo 41:
Photo 42:

Thanks - The Archeological Society of Maryland, Inc. and the Maryland Historic Trust would like to thank the Elk Landing Foundation and the Archeological Society of the Northern Chesapeake for their help in this field session.