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2013 Field Session at
St. Francis Xavier Cemetary


If you have comments, or additional photos your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Contact John Fiveash if you have input for this page.


NOTE: This page is currently under construction. Check back periodically to see photos as they are processed for the page. Anyone who would like to submit a photo, or provide an appropriate caption for one of thephotos on the page, should send it to: John Fiveash.



Photo 1: St. Francis Xavier Church
Photo 2: Valerie J. Hall, Archaeologist at large
Photo 3: Scott Lawrence
Photo 4: Jeanne Marsh and Myron Beckstein
Photo 5: Steve Israel
Photo 6: Valerie J. Hall, raking oyster shells
Photo 7: Barb Israel on the screen
Photo 8: Artifacts from possible roasting pit
Photo 9: Camp Sanderfoot
Photo 10: Belinda and Sarah
Photo 11: Fr. Brian Sanderfoot and Jim Gibb
Photo 12: Mapping features
Photo 13: Barb and Steve in the lab
Photo 14: UPAG Field Session Crew
Photo 15: Break Time
Photo 16: Jennifer and Kim on the screen
Photo 17: End of the day

Thanks - The Archeological Society of Maryland, Inc. and the Maryland Historic Trust would like to thank the site landowners for support in making this field session possible.