2018 Tyler Bastian Field Session

Calverton Site (18CV22)
25 May - 4 June, 2018

The 2018 Tyler Bastian Field Session in Maryland Archeology will be held at the Calverton Site (18CV22) from 25 May through 4 June, 2018. The Calverton site is a 17th century townsite located on the bank of Battle Creek in Calvert County, Maryland. This was the site of the 2017 Field Session and work will concentrate on following up and expanding upon discoveries made during that Field Session

The Field Session is held in cooperation with the Maryland Historic Trust's Office of Archeology. The purpose of the Field Session is to introduce lay persons to archeological methods and to teach Maryland's past through hands-on involvement while making meaningful contributions to the study of Maryland archeology. Kirsti Uunila will serve, once again, as the Principal Investigator and will work with MHT, Office of Archeology staff who will provide professional oversight of volunteers at the site.

Field Session Lecture Schedule

ASM has traditionally presented a number of lectures during the annual field session. This year we will have a number of lectures focusing on the Underwater Archeology theme of the Maryland Archeology Month

The current schedule for lectures is:

  • 26 May - 7 PM: Spencer Geasey Memorial Lecture, "Underwater Archeology and the Maryland Maritime Archeology Program."
  • 27 May - 12 PM: Maritime Archeology 1
  • 28 May - 12 PM: Maritime Archeology 2
  • 29/31 May - 10-12 & 1-3: Maritime Archeology Deonstrations
  • 2-3 June - All Day: Geophysical Methods for Underwater Archeology-Introduction to Sidecan Sonar and Magnetometer.

The Spencer O. Geasey Memorial Lecture wil be held at the Harriet E. Brown Community Center located at 901 Dares Beach Rd in Prince Frederick, Maryland.

All other lectures will be held at the Calverton Site. The 2-3 June Course is limited to 20 participants. Registration for this lecture is required. Many of the topics in this course will be summarized during the lectures on 27 and 28 May.

2018 Field Session Registration

Registration for the field fession has closed, however, it isn't too late.
Participants may register on-site at any time during the session.
The "What-to-Bring" flyer has all of the information that you need for attendance.
Feel free to join us on any day.

2018 Field Session "What-to-Bring"