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2000 - 2009
Maryland Archeology, ASM's biannual journal. Professional and avocational archeologists, alike, use the journal to report the latest findings in Maryland archeology. Recent articles have covered topics such as:

Bone and Antler Tools from a 15th Century Indian Village in Frederick

Early Archeological Research in the Great Valley of Maryland

A Rockshelter Investigation in Baltimore County

A History of Archeological Research in Baltimore City

Glass Vessels from Rumney's Tavern at Londontown

Middle Woodland Selby Bay Subsistence Strategies

Mid-17th Century Settlement in a Maryland Town

Hoodoo and 19th Century African American Material Culture in Annapolis

Fish Weirs in the Upper Potomac River

ASM strongly encourages submission of manuscripts for the journal; prospective authors should contact the Editor, Dennis C. Curry.

Back issues of Maryland Archeology are available through our publications sales program. Journal issues are divided into chronological intervals and are accessed through clicking on the date links (i.e. 1965-1969) shown above. While some issues are no longer available, all issues are listed in order to provide listings of past articles.

Issues still in stock are available by adding them to your shopping cart and submitting payment through our PayPal links. Publications will be shipped within 5 - 7 days of your order placement.

Wholesale requests may be coordinated by sending your purchase request to asmpublications@comcast.net. An invoice will be sent with shipment. Payment for wholesale requests must be made via check or money order.

Journal and miscellaneous papers listed as "Out of Print" and individual "Out of Print" journal articles, may be ordered at a cost of $0.10 per page. Email your request to asmpublications@comcast.net.

Journal issues are also sold at ASM events, such as the Spring Symposium, Annual Workshop, and Fall Meeting. Availability of some items is limited.