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Instrument Survey Workshop

- 19 November 2005 -

The goal of the Instrument Survey Workshop was to continue collecting field data begun in April 2005 for the making of a site topographic map of the potential Civil War Camp in the Bentley Springs area of Baltimore County, Maryland.

The Workshop was also used to review what a transit does and what Archeologists do with transits. The participants had an opportunity to try each of the necessary tasks associated with using a transit;

  • Instrument set up
  • Turning angles
  • Reading the rod
  • Establishing elevation
  • Calculating distances
  • Setting up control points

A Mapping Workshop, in January 2006, will complete a topographical map of the potential Civil War Site.

CAT members use a transit to measure distances and elevations. (Left) Georgia Nasios is looking through a one-minute transit, Gary Hall is recording the distances and elevations taken from the stadia rod cross-hairs, Charlie Hall is providing instruction, and John Hobner is in the background; during the Saturday, November 19, 2005 CAT Instrument Survey Workshop at Bee Tree Preserve in northern Baltimore County.
(Right) Mike Perrino is holding a stadia rod at Bee Tree Preserve allowing Georgia Nasios to read the cross-hairs though the one-minute transit for distances and elevations.
CAT member holds the stadia rod used to map a site.

- Photos and information provided by Stephen Israel -