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Certified Archeological Technician (CAT) Program Educational Materials


CAT readings are divided into six groups: Ethics, Prehistory of Maryland, Historical Archeology, Field Survey and Excavation, laboratory Techiques, and Optional Readings. CAT Participants may access reading materials that ASM has acquired permission to post on the website. Because these materials may be copywrited, only those members who are enrolled in the CAT program may have access to the CAT Library. A password is required to view these materials. Contact the CAT Committee Chairman or your mentor to obtain the User Login and Password. A complete listing of readings is available in the the CAT Member Guide.

Click on the topic of your choice for access to required and optional readings:

I. Ethics

II. Prehistory of Maryland

III. Historical Archeology

IV. Field Survey and Excavation

V. Laboratory Techniques

VI. Optional Readings


Other Materials

Additional materials. Presentations, and other materials accessible from the link, below, are provided by presentors and authors at various CAT events. Please contact the author before using any of these materials in other venues.

I. Presentations

This section is currently under construction.