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Central Chapter serves as a network for avocational archeologists in Baltimore City and Baltimore and Carroll Counties.

An archeology group was established at the Maryland Academy of Science in Baltimore in the 1938/1939 time frame and called the Maryland Archeology Society. The archeology group ceased meeting in 1943, as members had joined the Army. In 1954, T. Latimore Ford established a state wide society and met at the Enoch Pratt Public Library in Baltimore. T. Latimore Fordís group formed the Central Chapter. Soon thereafter in 1954, the Northeastern and Southwestern Chapters joined the Maryland Archeological Society. At this time the Maryland Academy of Science renamed the Maryland Archeological Society the "Archeological Society of Maryland", to eliminate possible confusion with the Academy (George and Eleanor Wilcox 1984, Iris McGillivray 1984 and Mary Lathroum 1985), manuscript histories on the Archeological Society of Maryland.

Beginning in the early 1960s, Central Chapter held monthly meetings first at the Baltimore County Agriculture Building then later began holding monthly meetings at the Gilman School in Baltimore; 1969 through 2000. The Chapter sponsored weekend field work opportunities in Baltimore County and Baltimore City. The Chapter dug at twelve rockshelters in the 1960s. Written reports were prepared on the Ighlehart I and Iglehart II Rockshelters, Manuscripts are on file at the Maryland Historical Trust (Didier 1966 and Didier 1967).

Central Chapter members Bill and Muriel Lynch conducted archeological testing for many years in the 1970s at the Robert Long House in Fells Point area of Baltimore, built in 1765.

Following ongoing friction with the Maryland Academy of Science, the Archeological Society of Maryland, split into two separate State societies from 1954 through 1974. In the late 1960s, the two State societies participated in lobbying the State for hiring a State Archeologist and establishing a state-wide Archeology Program in 1969. The two State societies merged into the Archeological Society of Maryland, Inc. in 1974.

Kathy Erlandson, President of Central Chapter in 1991, began excavating at the 1814 North Point Battle Site. Stephen Israel, a member of the Chapter initiated a Big Gunpowder Falls Rockshelter Archeological Survey in 1992.

In the 1990s, with a number of chapter members moving out of town and other members who having died, only the Officers of the Chapter attended the monthly meetings by the late 1990s. The final monthly meeting of the Chapter was in September 2000, in preparation in hosting the October 14, 2000 ASM Annual Meeting at Oregon Ridge Nature Center. As a result of the reduced chapter membership, the Chapter changed its focus from monthly meetings to conducting archeological field surveys and excavations of rockshelters along the Big Gunpowder Falls (Israel 1997).

The Chapter continued to host the ASM Annual Meeting in 2006 and again in 2010 at Oregon Ridge Nature Center. The Chapter has also sponsored three CAT Workshops at Oregon Ridge Nature Center. To increase the Chapterís visibility in 2011, the Chapter proposed to the ASM, Inc. Board of Trustees a motion to update the chapter By-Laws and changing its name to the Central Maryland Chapter of the Archeological Society of Maryland, Inc.

Our purpose:

The Chapter was established to promote, support and encourage the study, investigations and preservation of our archaeological heritage.

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Objectives of the Chapter:

  • Discover, investigate and conserve archeological resources in Maryland;
  • Promote proper recording of archeological sites and materials;
  • Respect the fragile and non-renewable nature of archeological sites;
  • Create bonds between avocational and professional archaeologists;
  • Develop opportunities for working with professional archeologists through field work, analysis and reporting;
  • Promote public dissemination of information about Marylandís buried heritage;
  • Publish the results of all excavations undertaken by the Chapter.

In support of these objectives, the Central Maryland Chapter sponsors a variety of activities, including field survey and excavation opportunities, publications, meetings, lectures, workshops, exhibits, etc.

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