ASM's 2010 Teacher of the Year Award

Ellen Georgi

Ellen Georgi, a teacher of ancient and medieval history at Urbana Middle School, Frederick County, was named as ASM’s Teacher of the Year at the Society’s Spring Symposium April 10. The 2010 Patricia Seitz Award winner holds a master's degree in archeology from Stanford University and has taught in Saudi Arabia, California and Maryland schools.

She has served as president of the Frederick County Social Studies Council and as an advisor and founder of the Frederick County History Club for students in grades 6-12.

In addition to her teaching accomplishments, Mrs. Georgi has received grants for scholarly tours to Saudi Arabia and China and has been awarded a second educator enrichment tour to China. Taking these tours allowed her to share her many experiences with students, often through hands-on opportunity to view the items of cultural heritage she brings to the classroom.

Through her efforts she has made the classroom a vibrant, culturally aware atmosphere. Her travels and perspectives on culture, history and archaeology not only interest students in things they never even thought of, but opens their minds to inquiry.