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ASM maintains an extensive holding of published material within the library at the Maryland Historical Trust in Crownsville, Maryland. The ASM Archivist, Alison Pooley, maintains our collection and archive.

The Maryland Historical Trust Library is the Stateís principal repository for information relating to Marylandís architectural, archeological, and cultural heritage. The following types of resources are available to researchers: books, journals, site-specific reports, historic maps, written and photographic documentation about Marylandís architectural and archeological sites, oral histories which capture the Stateís cultural traditions through written transcripts as well as audio and video recordings, historic structure reports, preservation plans, and architectural drawings. The library is open to the public on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, researchers should contact the librarian, Mary Louise de Sarran, at (410) 514-7655.

Library Catalog:

The holdings of the MHT library are cataloged in an on-line catalog system that is available through the MHT website or the link below:

The Maryland Historical Trust Library

ASM Holdings can be found by entering "ASM" in the search box.

Unaccessioned Materials:

A number of items stored at the ASM library are not included in the MHT catalog. THese items are available to ASM members and other researchers. A list of those items can be accessed at the link below. Contact Alison Pooley, ASM Archivist, for access procedures.

Unaccessioned ASM Library Materials