Maryland Archeology Month

April 2019

The Magic and Mystery of Maryland Archeology

Magical objects

Maryland Archeology Month is a celebration of our shared archeological heritage - created by Maryland's diverse inhabitants over the last 12,000 years. Protecting this irreplaceable archeological heritage provides opportunities to discover and learn from the past. We invite you to "Get Involved!" in Maryland's past by attending as many events as you can.

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Calvert County Events

April 4

Lecture: Artifacts of Magic & Religion: Interpreting the material culture of faith and the supernatural in Maryland with Sara Rivers Cofield

When there is evidence of religious faith and superstition in the archaeological record, it is a valuable opportunity to explore and interpret the beliefs of the people we study. Artifacts like saint medals and cross pendants were made as religious symbols, but sometimes ordinary objects like coins or horseshoes were used as lucky talismans or protective charms that offered similar comfort. Both kinds of artifacts will be considered in this talk to explore not just where people lived and what they owned or ate, but also how they perceived the world around them.

Sponsor: Friends of JPPM

Location: MAC Lab, Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum

Time(s):  7:00 pm

email: jef.pat@maryland.gov


Website: jefpat.org

Website: jefpat.org

Facebook Live Stream: Premiere Event for Archeological Society of Maryland's "Calverton" with Kirsti Uunila & MAC Lab Archaeologist
When:  Thursday, April 4th at 3:00PM EST on Calvert County's Official Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/Calvert-County-Government-Calvert-County-Maryland-251501561757/>

Where: online

The live stream will start with an  introductions and a short forward about the history of the "Calverton" Dig Site by Kirsti Uunila and Patricia Samford introductions and a short forward about the history of the "Calverton" Dig Site. Once the backstory is established, CMR will transition via software from the live stream right into debuting the four-minute "Calverton" video. After the four-minute video, CMR will transition back into the live stream. Kirsti and Patricia Samford will talk about "Calverton" and show some artifacts before opening the conversation up to a brief Q&A from the live streaming audience comments section.

CMR anticipates the total run time of the entire Facebook live stream event to be 15-30 minutes.

April 6

Workshop: : Flint Knapping Workshop

Ever wonder how Native Americans made stone tools? Ever want to learn how to do it? During this workshop you will learn the techniques to turn stone into tools. The workshop will include how to select materials, the science behind knapping, and the chance to create your own stone arrowheads. This workshop is perfect for ages 13 and up.

Sponsor: Friends of JPPM

Location:  Patterson Park and Museum 10515 Mackall Road St. Leonard, MD 20685

Time(s): 10:00am- 2:00pm

Contact Person: Desi Smith

Contact phone: 410-586-8501

email: desiree.smith@maryland.gov

Fee: $15/Friends of JPPM $12 Website: https://goo.gl/forms/QOD7sOoKnOWgQIRa2

Website: jefpat.org

April 20

Discovering Archaeology Day

Experience, discover, learn, and have fun exploring the “what, where, and how” of archaeology! Demonstrations, tours, and activities for budding archaeologists of any age!

Sponsor: Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum

Location: Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, 10515 Mackall Rd., St. Leonard, MD 20685

Time(s): 11:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

Contact Person: Sherwana Knox

Contact phone: 410-586-8512

email: sherwana.knox@maryland.gov

Free Website: www.jefpat.org/discoveringarchaeologyday.html

Sponsored by:        


Archeological Society of Maryland, Inc