ASM's 2009 William B. Marye Award

Dan Coates

The 2009 recipient of the William B. Marye Award has made particularly outstanding and lasting contributions to several areas of Maryland archeology: logistics, public outreach and aboriginal technology.

He has extensively explored the processes by which Native Americans accumulated raw materials and then turned these materials into tools. His workshops on soapstone carving, bone and antler toolmaking, and hafting have enhanced our understanding of aboriginal tool kits.

He has been tireless in sharing his insights with a wide range of archeological and public audiences. Since retiring as a full-time member of the Maryland National Guard, he has averaged 90 days each year with displays, specimens and ASM publications at regional events or local festivals in northeastern Maryland and adjacent states.

He has organized and participated in many field projects and he expanded his chapter’s focus from Harford County to the Northern Chesapeake region. Among his special projects were rescuing the Bald Friar petroglyphs from obscure and unprotected storage and the design, fabrication and installation of several archeological exhibits.

By himself, and with the support of the ASM chapter he led for a decade, he has done more to promote Maryland archeology than most any other individual or organization.

He has built, adapted, jury-rigged and delivered a wide range of field and laboratory equipment, such as tents, water tanks, showers and screen systems. His innovative solutions to difficult problems have earned him the title, “Master of Logistics.”

He has often driven long distances to help set up equipment or deliver supplies for events which he personally could not attend due to schedule conflicts. As an early graduate of ASM’s Certified Archeological Technician (CAT) program he organized or supported many of the events and activities used to meet graduation requirements. His logistical support of ASM and other entities has advanced Maryland archeological research by allowing all of us to do what we do better.

His personal commitment to the success of his chapter, ASM and cooperative projects with the Maryland Historical Trust has fostered the bond between avocational and professional archeologists. A devotion to furthering the vision, goals and success of ASM and the advancement of Maryland archeology have earned Dan Coates the William B. Marye Award for 2009.