ASM's 2010 William B. Marye Award

John McGrain

John W. McGrain is the William B. Marye Award recipient for 2010. He has researched and recorded industrial archeological sites in Maryland for many decades, and for 40 years has assisted archeologists researching historical sites. He has lectured and published extensively on mill sites, manufacturing villages, and place names. Known as a walking database of local history, he is an inexhaustible source of information retrieved from official records, old newspapers, early maps, and other archival sources. He enthusiastically shares his knowledge with archeologists and others seeking background information on historical sites. He generously acknowledges the importance of archeology in historical research. Much of his unpublished work is available on-line from the Maryland State Archives.

John has served as historian for 30 years in the Baltimore County Planning Office, and was designated official Baltimore County Historian in 1998. Since his retirement, he continues to research and publish.