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The Archeological Society of Maryland, Inc. sponsors and co-sponsors a variety of archeological activities throughout the year and across the state.


ASM hosts two primary meetings each year. The Spring Symposium on Archeology features invited speakers, and often focuses on a specific topic. Speakers have included world-renowned archeologists as well as some of Maryland's own top scholars. In the fall of each year, one of ASM's Chapters hosts the ASM Annual Meeting. This is generally a time for archeologists, both professional and avocational, to report on archeological happenings during the past year, and to discuss the results of new research.

Other meetings are also occasionally scheduled. The ASM, Inc, Board of Trustees has a quarterly meeting and, of course, individual ASM Chapters hold their own meetings at regular intervals.


Certainly one of the widespread annual events is the celebration of Maryland Archeology Month each Spring. ASM joins with other archeological groups and dozens of individuals to promote the importance and excitement of Maryland's archeological heritage. Events are planned throughout the state, and are publicized by way of an Archeology Month poster and Calendar of Events. These events include talks and lectures, guided tours, workshops, and fieldwork opportunities. Other ASM events are often held at the local level.


Every year, the Society co-sponsors the day-long Workshop in Archeology. The Workshop features talks and lectures and focuses on hands-on activities. Topics cover all aspects of prehistoric, historic, and maritime archeology in Maryland, including artifacts from a Civil War gunboat; animal bone identification from Indian villages; oyster shell analysis; archeology on the Internet; how to conserve artifacts; how to photograph artifacts; and much more. ASM also sponsors other workshops throughout the year, especially in conjunction with its annual Field Session.

Field & Lab Work

ASM's biggest event is the annual Field Session in Maryland Archeology. For more than 25 years, the Field Session, directed by professional archeologists from the State Office of Archeology, has delved into Maryland's buried past. The 11-day Field Session features field and laboratory work, lectures, and workshops; meals and lodging are also usually available.

As an outgrowth of the Field Session, ASM has a Certification and Training Program. While the Field Session is clearly the most widely known field event, membership in the ASM affords many other opportunities for volunteer experience, both in the field and in the lab. Local projects, emergency projects, and follow-up projects all rely on ASM volunteers for assistance; watch ASM Ink for calls for help. Information about survey projects can be found on our Site Survey pages.