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    For more than 30 years, the Archeological Society of Maryland, Inc. has aggressively supported a strong publications program. Today, the Society's publications take three basic forms:

    Click here to view back issues of ASM Ink. ASM Ink , the Society's newsletter. Mailed monthly, this 8- to 12-page newsletter keeps every member of the Society abreast of the latest archeological news in Maryland...field and lab projects needing volunteers...upcoming meetings, workshops, and talks...Chapter news...legislation and other action affecting archeology...and much, much more. Since March 2002 the newsletter has been available to ASM members on-line. The ASM Board of Directors recently decided to make it available to the general public through this website. Click on the ASM Ink icon above to view current and past issues of ASM Ink. Items for the newsletter should be directed to the Editor, Myron Beckenstein.

    Maryland Archeology, ASM's biannual journal. Professional and avocational archeologists, alike, use the journal to report the latest findings in Maryland archeology. Recent articles have covered topics such as:

    Bone and Antler Tools from a 15th Century Indian Village in Frederick

    Early Archeological Research in the Great Valley of Maryland

    A Rockshelter Investigation in Baltimore County

    A History of Archeological Research in Baltimore City

    Glass Vessels from Rumney's Tavern at Londontown

    Middle Woodland Selby Bay Subsistence Strategies

    Mid-17th Century Settlement in a Maryland Town

    Hoodoo and 19th Century African American Material Culture in Annapolis

    Fish Weirs in the Upper Potomac River

    ASM strongly encourages submission of manuscripts for the journal; prospective authors should contact the Editor, Dennis C. Curry. A complete list of Maryland Archeology back issues and order forms, as well as lists of selected ASM publications sorted by region, are available from ASM Publications Sales. Click on the Maryland Archeology journal image above to visit the ASM Store, where back issues may be ordered on-line.

    Special Publications. These include occasional site reports, books, and monographs dealing with various aspects of Maryland archeology in greater detail than allowed by the page limits of the Society's journal. Examples of recent special publications include:

    The Discovery and Archeological Investigation of the Benjamin Banneker Homestead (18BA282), Baltimore County, Maryland

    A Layperson's Guide to Historical Archaeology in Maryland

    Feast of the Dead: Aboriginal Ossuaries in Maryland

    The Montgomery Focus: A Late Woodland Potomac River Culture

    On-Line Book orders from the ASM Store