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The Archeological Society of Maryland, Inc. periodically presents a Teacher of the Year Award in memory of Mrs. Patricia Seitz, a former teacher in the Baltimore County Public Schools. The award is to be presented to the teacher who has achieved excellence in instruction by developing and/or incorporating archeological content, projects, and/or activities into his or her classroom curriculum. Nominations are open to all public, parochial, and independent school teachers, grades K through 12, in the state of Maryland.




ASM's Teacher of the Year for 2010 was Ellen Georgi

Previous Teachers of the Year:

2009: Bob Hines

2003: Lee Preston

2002: Wesley Cooper

2001: Dorothy Harris

2000: George Wright

1999: Dr. George Brauer

* - The Patricia Seitz Teacher of the Year Award was not awarded from 2004 - 2008.