42nd Annual Spring Symposium on Archeology

Archeology and the Search for Ancient Meals

Presented by the
Archeological Society of Maryland, Inc.
and the
Maryland Historical Trust
Office of Archeology

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Crownsville, Maryland

Maureen Kavanaugh Welcome - Maureen Kavanaugh, Chief, Office of Archeology, MHT
John Fiveash Welcome - John Fiveash, President, ASM
Beth Ragan gives award to Carol Cowherd CAT Award presentation by the CAT Chairman, Beth Ragan to Carol Cowherd
Jim Gibb Introduction - Jim Gibb, Vice President, ASM

The Richard E. Stearns Memorial Lecture

The Richard E. Stearns Memorial Lecture is named in honor of Richard E Stearns (1902-1969), curator of the Department of Archeology at the Natural History Society of Maryland for more than 30 years. Mr. Stearns located numerous archeological sites in the Chesapeake area, and carefully documented his surface and excavated finds. He published numerous archeological articles and several monographs, and donated his collection to the Smithsonian Institution. A commercial artist by profession, he was nonetheless a pioneer in Maryland archeology, instrumental in recording much of Maryland prehistory.

Henry M. Miller

English to American: An Archeological Perspective on the Colonial Diet in the Chesapeake

Henry M. Miller, Chief Archaeologist, Historic St. Mary’s City Commission
Dr. Miller has devoted more time and energy to the study of early colonial diets than any other scholar in the state. He talked about dietary changes from the perspective of animal bones recovered from Colonial sites in the Chesapeake region.

The Iris McGillivray Memorial Lecture

Iris McGillivray was a founding member of the Archeological Society of Maryland, Inc., ably serving the Society for over thirty years as Secretary, President, Newsletter Editor, Field Session Registrar, and Membership Secretary. She is perhaps best known, loved, and respected for her organization of the annual Spring Symposium, first held in 1965, arranging all aspects of the day-long program. In 1991 Iris was presented with the Society's William B. Marye Award to honor her services to archeology in Maryland.

Justine Woodward McKnight

Archeobotany: Why we do it, How we do it, and What it tells us.

Justine Woodward McKnight, Archeobotanical Consultant
Noted specialist Justine McKnight talked about how she extracts and identifies plant remains from archaeological deposits, then wrests information on past environments and diets from those remains.

Thomas C. Cuddy

The Chalmers Bakery in Annapolis: Early 18th Century Remains at 99 Main Street

Thomas C. Cuddy, URS Corporation
Archeologists often overlook that most basic and important of foodstuffs, bread. Not Dr. Cuddy, who discussed his findings on the archeology of bakeries.

Lunchtime Demonstrations

Lunch out on the patio was followed by demonstrations of primitive cooking techniques and operation of a flotaion tank.

Dan Coates explained how to heat water using hot rocks while Jack Davis used similar rocks to provide a great cooking surface.

Dan then demonstrated the flotation tank. Justine McKnight spent a few minutes in a familiar environment picking through the floated remains.

Which scarce a hungry Dog would lap: Alcohol Consumption in the Colonial Chesapeake

Mike Lucas, M-NCPPC, Prince George’s County
Dr. Lucas’ illustrated talk examined the role of ordinaries, or taverns, in early colonial Prince George’s County.

Wealth, Status and Meat Choice in the Late 19th Century

Ed Otter, Ed Otter, Inc., Archaeological Consulting
Dr. Otter discussed his extensive research into how households selected and prepared meat dishes in the late historic period.

Proffered Cups: European Wine and Colonial Gentility

James G. Gibb, Gibb Archaeological Consulting
Wine of various kinds and quality was commonly imbibed by people from all stations in Colonial life, but men of wealth and prestige often used wine to entertain and impress elite guests. Dr. Gibb discussed wine bottles and glasses from archeological sites, relating them to the gentlemanly art of proffering wine.