2022 Tyler Bastian Field Session

Barwick's Ordinary (18CA261)
20 - 30 May, 2022

The 2022 Tyler Bastian Field Session in Maryland Archeology will be held at the Barwick's Ordinary Site (18CA261) from 20 to 30 May, 2022.

The site consists of the remarkably intact remains of the mid to late 18th-century tavern and home of James Barwick. Historic deeds relate that a "complex" consisting of a tobacco warehouse, storehouse, apple orchard, ferry landing, and tavern/ordinary was situated at this location along the Choptank River. This complex served as the first county seat of Caroline County and James Barwick was employed as its caretaker.

Staff from the MHT Office of Archaeology have been actively working at the site since 2019 carrying out both remote sensing survey and ground-truthing excavations. Most recently, the Washington College Department of Anthropology was invited to hold their annual 5 week Field School at the site in 2021. This year they are returning to the site for their 2022 Field School, the first several days of which overlap with the Annual Field Session. To date, a large cellar feature, a privy, and several trash pits have been exposed at the site. A prehistoric and possible Contact period component also appear to be present in some plowzone deposits at the site.

The Field Session is held in cooperation with the Maryland Historic Trust's Office of Archeology. The purpose of the Field Session is to introduce lay persons to archeological methods and to teach Maryland's past through hands-on involvement while making meaningful contributions to the study of Maryland archeology. The Principal Investigators will work with MHT, Office of Archeology staff who will provide professional oversight of volunteers at the site.

Field Session Registration

Registration for the 2022 Tyler Bastian Field Session in Maryland Archeology has closed. It is still possible to participate by registering at the site. The "What to Bring" document below will provide you with information about the session, a list of items to bring and directions to the site. Please bring the appropriate fees in cash or a check.

What to Bring

Use the link, below, to obtain a PDF version of the "What to Bring" document.

2022 Field Session - What to Bring

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