Archeological Site Survey Program

This program, begun in 2007, is designed to identify, evaluate and register archeological resources in Maryland. The program will target locations where interest in local preservation programs is growing, where archeological resources are threatened, and where archeological information needs are greatest. The program includes, fieldwork, lab work, artifact analysis, and completion of forms are reports required to register sites within the state. The survey program is run in cooperation with the State Office of Archeology.

The survey program serves a dual purpose in that in addition to completion of survey and evaluation of archeological sites, members of the Society can experience a vital part of the archeological process. Volunteers will carry out the work of locating sites, establishing survey parameters, exploring the contents of the site, evaluating data collected and preparing the paperwork required to register the site. Work at some of these sites may carry over to larger projects and may even result in use of the site for the Annual Field Session.

Screening Shovel Test Pits
Setting Up Survey Grid

Site Survey Programs

Greib Site, Kent County

In August 2008 ASM Ink newsletter and this web site, served to rally dozens of volunteers and professionals, for a short field session at the Grieb Site (18KE83), in Kent County.

Click here for photos and details about the activity.

Port Tobacco, Charles County

Survey of properties at Port Tobacco, in Charles County has already begun. Work is being coordinated by April M. Beisaw under direction of Jim Gibb.

April, with the help from the rest of her team, maintains a Blog that contains the most up-to-date information about the Port Tobacco Project. Click here to access the blog, and find out what's happening on site.

Additional information about Port Tobacco can be found at the website for Gibb Archaeological Consulting as well as at a site for the Restore Port Tobacco organization.

Dozens of volunteers came out to work on the Port Tobacco survey.

Click here for photos and details about the activity.

McKee-Beshers Wildlife Refuge

Following the 2002 Field Session at the Wonslow Site, in Montgomery County, a group of ASM members and students from Dr. Joe Dent's class at American University headed out to survey adjoining fields. Photos and information from those adventures are found through the links below:

Spring 2003

Fall 2003