2005 Annual Meeting of the Archeological Society of Maryland

"The French and Indian War"

Saturday, October 15, 2005
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Cumberland, MD

Here is what you missed:

Western Chapter President, Ed Hanna

Welcome- Ed Hanna, Pres.,W.MD Chapter: Ed welcomed everyone to the 2005 Annual Meeting of ASM. THe Western Maryland Chapter was our host for the day.

Carol Ebright conducts the business meeting

ASM President, Carol Ebright, presided over the business meeting. Events that took place over the past year were discussed and our outlook for the future was reviewed.

Tyler Bastian presents Robert Bantz with the William 
                    B. Marye award.

The 2005 William B.Marye Award was presented to Robert L. Bantz, Sr. His long effort to research details of the Braddock Road and present that information to the public was recognized in this award.

Charles Hall

The Frederick M. Stiner Memorial Lecture

"The French and Indian War in the Western Frontier" - Mr.Charles C. Hall, Pres., Fort Edwards Foundation

His concise outline of the events the led up to and occurred in the French and Indian War was an excellent precursor to the day's discussions.

Narrow staircase leads of tunnels under the building Reverend Chapman Guides a tour of the Episcopal Church 
                      Grounds Narrow staircase leading to the tunnels

"Fort Cumberland - Lecture and Tour" - The Reverend Edward Carter Chapman, Rector, Emmanuel Episcopal Church

Reverend Chapman presented a history of Fort Cumberland, located on the spot now occupied by the Episcopal church. He followed with a tour of the trenchs, tunnels and buildings that make up an interesting location.

Guy wells describes the life patterns of a native in the 
                    late 1700s.

"Native Americans and the French and Indian War" - Guy Wells, Living Historian

Guy presented the life ways that a native american in the late 1700s would have experienced.

Bob Bantz describes Braddock's Road

"Braddock's Road" - Robert Bantz, Historian

The day was completed with Bob Bantz' history of Braddock's Road. Shown through his extensive research of the road and his documentation of the historic area.