2008 Annual Meeting of the Archeological Society of Maryland

hosted by the Monocacy Archeological Society

Saturday October 18, 2008

Evangelical Lutheran Church, 31 E. Church St, Frederick, Maryland

Jeremy Lazelle opens the 2008 Fall Meeting Welcoming Remarks Jeremy Lazelle, president of the Monacacy Archeological Society, opened the meeting with a great welcome to all members and guests attending the event.

John Fiveash 2008 
                      Fall Meeting
ASM Business Meeting

Results of the 2008 ASM Board of Trustees Election were announced. Winners were:

Executive Officers:

President: John Fiveash
Vice President: Jim Gibb
Secretary: Kelly Derwart
Treasurer: Sean Sweeney
Membership Secretary: Belinda Urquiza

At Large Trustees

John Newton
Claude Bowen
Susan Bucci
Tom Forhan
Jim Sorenson
Gary Hall

Richard Hughes
William B. Marye Award
Richard Hughes, Administrator of Heritage Programs for the Maryland Historical Trust, was named as the 2008 William B. Marye Award. This award recognizes Richard's long association with ASM and archeology in Maryland.

Maryl Harshey
CAT Graduation
Maryl Harshey was presented with her CAT Graduation Certificate. Maryl is the ninth graduate of the Certified Archeological Technician program.

Maxine Grabil

ASV: 2008
Archeologist of
the Year

Maxine Grabil was presented with an award from the Archeological Society of Virginia (ASV). She has participated in numerous activies sponsored by the ASV.

Speakers and Topics

Wayne_Clark "A New Perspective on the 1000 Year History of the Piscataway and Related Algonquian-Speaking Indians of the Potomac River Valley" - Wayne E. Clark, Tri-County Council of Southern Maryland.

Dennis Curry "Prehistoric Village Life During the Montgomery Complex: A View From the Rosenstock Site" - Dennis Curry, Maryland Historical Trust

Michael Barber

2008 Frederick M. Stiner Memorial Lecture

"Excavations at Keyser Form Site, Virginia: Deer Skins, Wealth, and a View to the North" - Michael B. Barber, PhD, Virginia State Archaeologist

Bob Wall "Susquehannock Archeology in the Upper Potomac Valley" - Robert D. Wall, PhD, Towson University

Bill Johnson "Population Continuity and Replacement During the Late Woodland Period" - William C. Johnson, PhD, retired

Joe_Dent "Origins of Prehistoric People of Maryland" - Richard J. Dent, PhD, American University