Certified Archeological Technician Program


This Certification and Training Program for Archeological Technicians (CAT program) has been developed to give members of the Archeological Society of Maryland (ASM) an opportunity to obtain recognition for formal and extended training in the techniques and goals of archeology without having to participate in an academic degree program. Participants are provided technical training in both the field and laboratory in conjunction with rotational lecture/workshop series and required reading materials. The ASM acknowledges significant contributions from similar programs sponsored by The Archeological Society of Virginia, The Council of Virginia Archeologists, The Virginia Department of Historic Resources, and the Oklahoma Anthropological Society.

Sponsoring Organizations

The Archeological Society of Maryland, Inc., The Maryland Historical Trust (Department of Housing and Community Development), and The Council for Maryland Archeology, Inc. Individual field schools and training opportunities may be co-sponsored by individuals, historic sites, museums, and other institutions throughout Maryland.

Specific Requirements

Each participant will maintain an Archeological Log Book containing detailed activity logs on all training completed in addition to a personal journal. The Program Guidelines detail specific requirements for the three areas of study: Laboratory, Field Survey, and Excavation. Participants are encouraged to begin their program with required readings and class work, following the general flow of the program. Candidates also may earn certification in any one, or combination of, the three areas. Complete guidelines and reading list are contained in the CAT Program Guide. Candidates can access a CAT Program Registration Form here.


Individuals who successfully complete all three areas of the Certification Program will be designated Certified Archeological Technicians. Candidates may opt to earn certification in only one or two of the areas, but must complete the core requirements and must fulfill the requirements otherwise designated ‘Optional’ for each of those areas.

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Photos from CAT Workshops:

Instrument Survey Workshop - November 2005

Point Typology Workshop - August 2006