Annual Spring Symposium on Archaeology

The annual symposium on archaeology brings some of the top archaeologists in the area together with an audience that ranges from long time professionals to interested avocational archaeologists. This is an opportunity to learn about the research that is on-going in Maryland Archaeology. It is co-sponsored by ASM and the Maryland Historical Trust, Office of Archaeology.

Notes from Previous Symposiums

2019 Spring Symposium - Maryland Archeology in the 21st Century

2014 Spring Symposium - Maryland Archeology in the 21st Century

2013 Spring Symposium - Archeology Near and Afar

2012 Spring Symposium - Three Centuries of Conflict: The Archaeology of War

2011 Spring Symposium - The Uses of Forensic Sciences, the Natural Sciences,and New Technologies in Support of Archeological Research

2010 Spring Symposium - Before Pots: Archaic Period Lifeways in Maryland

2009 Spring Symposium - Archeology in Southern Maryland

2008 Spring Symposium - Town Founding in the Chesapeake

2007 Spring Symposium - Archeology and the Search for Ancient Meals

2006 Spring Symposium - Imagining Contact: Bringing Past Worlds Together

2005 Spring Symposium - Cyber-Archeology: High-Tech Help for the Past

2004 Spring Symposium - The Way It Was: Reflections on Maryland Archeology

2003 Spring Symposium - Maryland's Changing Landscapes

2002 Spring Symposium - Translating Archeology for the Public